LG 6hp Ceiling Air Conditioner | CEILING CONC. 60GM1A4(ABNQ60GM1A4)

  • 6 Horse Power (HP)
  • Concealed Type
  • High Elevation Max 50m
  • Auto swing function
  • Super Slim Design
  • Auto Restart
  • Anti Bacteria Filter
  • Cassette Type
  • Jet Cool
  • Central Controller
  • Anti Corrosion Gold Fin
  • Low Voltage Stability
  • For Central use
  • Optimal air distribution
  • Long-distance piping high elevation max 50M
  • 2 years warranty
  • 10 years warranty (Compressors)

1,700,000.00 3,000,000.00

These air conditioners have a very developed purification system that prevents bacteria that get into our bodies and causes various diseases. It does this by sterilizing the bacteria and not only that it cleans and purifies the filtration system automatically and most importantly this prevents ultrafine dust from harming us.

This ultrafine dust is dangerous as it is very poisonous and causes stress and heart, lung and other diseases and even in cases cancer and all of these air conditioners prevents all of this so this is a great reason to buy any of these air conditioners.

Not only does it prevent all of these dangerous things it also blows the healthy air that is free of bacteria from up to 99.9% to all corners of the room such that from anywhere you are, but you also get to receive the cool, healthy air you well deserve. This air conditioner gives you the chance of enjoying life, enjoying the beautiful aspects of life while enjoying the all-around cooling process that soothes your nerves thoroughly.

The auto elevation grille allows for easy filter cleaning, durability, and maintenance.

This is the air conditioner you need to have especially if you’ve got a big home so that you can breathe healthy air, air free of 99.9% ultra-fine dust, air that is very healthy for your lungs. Make your air in your house the best kind of air so that you can use it to brag and show them that you are better.

And let me note that the filtration system is very durable and easy to maintain.

So this air conditioner is the best choice; that’s if you love healthy air. This is the best choice for your home, schools, churches, and other indoor events.

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