LG 6 KG Automatic front loader washing machine | WM 2J5NNP7S

  • Front loader
  • 6KG
  • Direct drive
  • 10 yrs warranty on Direct Drive motor

230,000.00 350,000.00

he washing machine is directly connected to the direct drive motor and this is very helpful for you and your clothes because the inverter direct drive uses lesser parts and because it doesn’t use much load it reduces the energy consumption making it an energy efficient product and all this story means that your washing machine will have a longer span, much longer than others and one of the best parts is that lesser noise or even almost no noise at all is produced and the vibration itself is reduced thus creating a very quiet environment for you.

The inverter direct drive motor comes with a 10 year warranty and this assures you that it is very standard as it would serve you for more years than you think.

This direct drive also makes this washing machines one of the best out there in the market so you are not losing anything if you buy this product. I can even boldly say that your money is a lesser value compared to this superb and one in a million washing machine.

The inverter direct drive motor because of the 6 motion feature makes the washing very balanced. The 6 motion direct drive technology makes the wash drum move in many, diverse directions and this makes the cloth be washed properly thus delivering the best washing performance for your clothes.

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