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LG 480W Bluetooth Home Theatre HIFI System with CD Player | AUD 44CJ

  • 480 watts
  • CD
  • Auto DJ feature
  • Bluetooth
  • Xboom speakers
  • Comes with a woofer
  • It has two speakers

120,000.00 190,000.00

This LG AUD 44 CJ HIFI system is great all round. For starters, It has a karaoke function and what this does for you is that it allows for you to view the lyrics on the TV monitor and sing your song as the lyrics move up. This function removes the vocals (voice) that a song normally has, leaving the background music for you so that you can just fill in by using your voice (singing) to make it complete.

Another thing that this product has for you is that it has a key changer which allows for an easy flow of inspiration. The key changer automatically adjusts the pitch of the song to fit the tone of your voice to make it more official as if you are a renowned celebrity singing a song. Yes! This LG HIFI system makes you be a renowned celebrity and if you don’t like anything about fame or riches then you can just pass this product by.

If you are just in it for extreme sound quality, I think it is more than obvious that the XBOOM speakers have made this possible. You get to enjoy three dimensional sound that feels so real, booming sound that gets to your heart and soul and boost up your mood to that of a party one. The woofers give great sound and with low frequency, you are sure to get the sound quality that you desire.

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