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LG 471 Liters Top Freezer with Water Dispenser | REF 502 HLHN-F

  • 471 L
  • Silver Refrigerator
  • Deodorizer
  • LED lamp inside
  • R600 Gas
  • Inverter Linear Compressor
  • Water Dispenser

570,000.00 800,000.00

It has a generous space of over 450 liters, 471 to be precise and it is what you need to cut down on trips to the supermarket. No one loves a stressful life and LG knows this and that’s why all their products are aimed at making lives easier and better.

The door cooling and the linear cooling features with the multi air flow vents allow for an even cooling and this is because the air flow vents blow and circulate cool air all round so that no matter where your food item is placed, it is always cool. The door linear cooling features allow for an even and consistent cooling process which is basic for your food items as without these, your food items wouldn’t be that safe as it would be in the hands of this refrigerator.


Why you need healthy water for your consumption? Silly question, right? Everyone needs water and not just any kind of water, the good kind and the water system always purifies itself. Not only is the water tank large to prevent continuous fill but it is also healthy for your drinking. It just has a water dispenser that you can use so how great is this refrigerator?

The deodorizer is for removing very bad odor that comes from bacteria feeding off of spoilt food and also delivers cool air, leaving your food items in the best condition possible. The bad odor is removed and a clean, neat, nice and fresh is delivered with the cooled air. This is basically the function of the HygieneFresh+ feature that removes 99.9% bacteria from your refrigerator. The intelligent air filter minimizes bad odour and removes bacteria from your food.


It has a LED lamp and what is that basically? It is a LED lamp that is used in modern refrigerators and how is this lamp different from the ones in other refrigerators? It is different in the sense that it lasts longer and it is estimated to have the lifetime of 25 ordinary bulbs. So do the math! If you can’t, just bear in mind that it is not spoiling any time soon. You’ll be using it for more than ten years unlike other lamps that spoil between the first five years of use. So it gives no overheat as it doesn’t use much energy and it is semi permanent and space saving.

The LG Inverter linear compressor also saves energy and this is because of the lesser parts it uses compared to other compressors and this is superb because it means no friction and better efficiency and so you are sure to enjoy this refrigerator for like, many, many years, I’m worry I couldn’t count the number of years you’d be using it.

We have been talking about saving energy but this refrigerator not only saves energy, it saves time and space. The auto defrost feature allows for you to easily and automatically clean your refrigerator as what you have to do is set the right temperature and in a very little time, you’d find a very clean refrigerator. Also it helps you in cooling down your food nicely and neatly so that it doesn’t lose any flavor or nutrient in any way. So this refrigerator saves energy, time, space, nutrients and all that you would want.

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