LG 3500W XBOOM Home Theatre Sound System | AUD 98CL

  • 3500 Watts
  • X-Shiny Woofer & Compression Horn
  • DJ Effects & Sampler Creator
  • X-Flash Lighting
  • Karaoke Creator

335,000.00 480,000.00

Virst the sound aspect of the sound speaker is the most important part and this is not left out at all. If any sound speaker can’t deliver the most impressive sound then it is not worthy to be called a sound speaker but make no mistake as this sound speaker is one of the best when it comes to sound and here’s why. This is a 3500 watt sound speaker and the bass blast is way too impressive to be taken likely. This sound speaker creates sound that’s too good. The sound is way too good for me to thoroughly explain. Why would you get anyhow speaker for your party, concert or any outdoor or social event when you’ve got this sound speaker in your hands? This sound speaker delivers unbelievable sound quality that sends you off to another dimension where souls get lost in the awesomeness of the sound. The bass because of the thunderous quality shakes the whole place and sends chills of happiness running down everyone’s spines and this makes everyone dance along to the music with crazy excitement.

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